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VFFS With Multi Head Weigher

VFFS With Multi Head Weigher

  • The machine combines a set of
  • Multihead Combination Weigh Filler (10 heads or 14 heads)
  • Vertical form fill seal machine
  • Optional :
  • Z Shape bucket elevator with vibratory feeder
  • Supporting platform
  • Timing Bucket
  • Coding device
  • A  Multihead Combination WeigherBest weight combinations chosen by high precision load cells and scientific computer
    • Weighing range: 10-1000 gms
    • Accuracy: + 2 gms
    • display: 7 inch touch screen
    • availble in 10 head or 14 head

    Speed for products similar to pulses bulk density

  • B. Vertical form fill seal machine The machine seals the centre and top/ botton of the pouch with high air pressure (pneumatically) to give airtight seal. It is the best machine to get air/nitrogen filled pouches. The machine has special roll unwinding system and roll to pouch formation mechanism to give perfect pouches even at high speed.To achieve extra high speed the machine can be equipped with special servo motor pulling system and servo motor driven sealing system


Type of pouch sealing : Centre sealing

Roll Width 150-300mm 200-400 mm 250-500mm
Pouch Width 100-140mm 120-240mm 120-340mm
Pouch Length upto 250mm upto 280mm upto 340mm