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Hot Ribbon Coding (Pneumatic)

Hot Ribbon Coding (Pneumatic)

HP-241G lock and follow ribbon printing machine can be used to with vertical or horizontal automatic packaging machine for printing date batch no expiry date , price etc.

  1. HP-241G adopts color ribbon for printing which gives high clarity printing with instant dryness and strong adhesion.
    2. HP-241G can print 3 lines with 15 characters in each line at most.
    3. The print position controlled by photocell is adjustable, sensitive and accurate.
  2. Available in Pneumatic and motorized model.



HP -241G
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220/50  110/60
Power(W) 135
Max. Printing Speed(pcs/min) 200
Max. Printing Line 2×3×15mm:3 Lines (Max. 15 characters/Line)
Size of Type (Height)(mm) 3.0
Size of Color Ribbon (mm) 25 30 35 (Width)
Max. Horizontal Adjustable Size of Printer 150 (Confirm When Ordering)
Weight of Printer (Without Stand)(kg) 7
Max. Film Width (mm) 400 500 600