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Z Elevator

Z Elevator

The Z shape bucket elevator transfers the material without breaking it. Z shape bucket elevator is suitable for chips packaging, snacks, sweets, namkeen, grains, tea, spices, kurkure etc.

  • The buckets are made of a food grade reinforced polypropylene in single piece
  • Unlike conventional elevators, the Z shape elevators allow for controlled feeds and can easily interface with various types of feeding devices.
    3. The elevators are equipped with an automatic chain tensioning device and built-in overload protection.
  • The z shape bucket elevator is easy to inspect and clean.

5. Vibro FeederĀ is attached for temporary storage and transferring dry, free-flowing food and non-food products to bucket elevator


Machine Model Bucket Elevator with vibro feeder
Bucket Volume 1.8L
Machine frame 1) Powder coadted ; 2) Stainless Steel
Production capacity 4-6 m3/H
Outlet height 3300 mm ( Can be customized)
Infeed length 860mm
Voltage AC 220V Single phase or AC 380V ,3 Phase.50Hz
Power 0.75KW
Vibro Feeder hopper 100 litres approx
Vibro feeder Power 300 W ; 220V 50 Hz